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Bing's Top 9 News Stories Of 2012: iPhone 5, Gangnam, Kindle And Other Hot

Huffington Post: Microsoft-owned search engine Bing has answered this question by generating a fascinating list of the most popular terms users queried in the last 12 months via The company analyzed these consistently typed phrases and organized them into ...
Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX DEALS with up to $60 off Holiday Sales Revealed

- 8 months ago @ Amazon Kindle Fire HDX vs HD 7 vs HD 6 Comparison and Current Holiday Deals on the Kindle Fire Range of Tablets Published Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2014 / Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw ...

Four little-known Kindle e-reader features

- 8 months ago @ Find out how to load photos and documents onto your Kindle, access your Highlights and more.

6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

- 8 months ago @ Ranging from budget devices with basic functionality to cutting-edge tablets for gadget lovers, the world of Android tablets is packed with options. With so many choices, it's challenging to decide on the best tablet for you or someone on your gift list.

You Should Take Kindle’s Last Rival Seriously

- 4 months ago @ Kobo's new e-reader is the last bastion of competition in a field that sorely needs it. The post You Should Take Kindle’s Last Rival Seriously appeared first on WIRED .

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Kindle: Q&A with Aaron 'Dog Bite' Harris

This past July, Ruckus in the Boonies, the Heppner outlaw country music festival, celebrated its second year. It was an impressive array of talent from across the country that descended on the town — bands with names like “Johnny Pabst and The Tall ...

Can Kindle Books Provide Another Steady Stream of Income for Bloggers?

I could then search through titles in that category, see what went together, perhaps add a couple of unique ones and some tips for readers and bundle them into a book for Kindle. Make the topic broader. If you want a larger book, you could choose a ...

Amazon Kindle Fire 6 down to £69 in flash deal: 4 more Amazon savings Less than a week after Amazon kicked off their 24-hour Prime Day event, the online retail giant, has launched a series of flash sales, including the Lenovo laptop, and latest Fire HD tablet - for limited periods this week. We've spotted a number of ...

Frank Talks Fonts with Facebook, Kindle, and Einstein

What They Think: Frank Talks Fonts with Facebook, Kindle, and Einstein. Published on August 28, 2015. Frank talks about the new Facebook logo, the new font for Kindle readers, and a font of Einstein's handwriting that allows you to write like a genius. Thinking like a ...

Amazon's Hardware Isn't About You, and That's the Problem

Wired: Amazon Kindle? Over 100 million. Another factor that should have worked in Fire Phone's favor was its price. Amazon has built a reputation on affordability, and once you read the fine print, its smartphone was no different; an included year of Amazon ...

Now buy a Kindle for just Rs 199!

It is important to know that in the US, you get access to e-Books and audio books, on any of your devices - if you don't own a Kindle, then you can still make use of the subscription by using the Kindle app on your iOS or Android device. (Image ...

Amazon India could launch Kindle Unlimited starting at Rs 199 per month

Economic Times: Kindle Unlimited was first unveiled in July last year as a way to give users unlimited access to books and audiobooks with a monthly fee. This service was priced at $9.99 per month or about Rs 660. A new report from an Indian source suggests that this ...

Let's come out of the Kindle closet and reveal what we're really reading

The Guardian: And right now in the Amazon Kindle top 100 I am excited to see Stone Deep: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance by Tess Oliver and Anna Hart at number 86, and Cover Model by Devon Hartford at number 89. Both feature striking cover images of nameless, faceless ...



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iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire HDX vs. Nvidia Shield - Apple Tablets War Against

Neurogadget: If you're looking to buy a great tablet as your companion, then you will like today's comparison between the three top smaller tablets on the market: the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Apple's iPad Mini and Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX. Let's look at what these ...

6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

Ranging from budget devices with basic functionality to cutting-edge tablets for gadget lovers, the world of Android tablets is packed with options. With so many choices, it's challenging to decide on the best tablet for you or someone on your gift list.


Kindle Paperwhite (2015) review

Stuff: The Kindle Paperwhite is to ereaders what the iPod used to be to MP3 players: practically the only sensible choice. Or is it? Sure, our recent and regularly updated ereaders group test has had the 2014 Paperwhite at its pinnacle for a long while now ...

Today's Best Deals: Kindle Paperwhite, Game of Thrones Books, and More

Here are the best of today's deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals , follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. Read more...


Kindle Unlimited Coming to India: Price, Availability, and More

NDTV: Amazon is set to finally bring Kindle Unlimited to India. This is a subscription based model where you can read books or listen to audiobooks by simply paying a monthly fee, and you can choose from over 1 million titles to read and thousands of ...

New iOS Kindle app opens up buffet of Kindle Unlimited books

Amazon updated its Kindle app for iOS with Kindle Unlimited book browsing, Goodreads recommendations, and more. The new discovery features put the Kindle app back on par with Scribd and Oyster, its biggest competitors. The post New iOS Kindle app opens up buffet of Kindle Unlimited books appeared first on Digital Trends .


Kindle 6 Promising Glare Free Screen with Wi-Fi Support

The Amazon Kindle has reliably been evaluated as the world's best tablet after its launch in the year 2007. In spite of the fact that it has experienced many changes and upgrades, quality has never been traded off. The Kindle Touchscreen is the best ...

Amazon Kindle Voyage Review: A great e-reader made even better

The Kindle Voyage is the spiritual successor to the Kindle Paperwhite, and it absolutely does not disappoint.


Amazon cutting jobs in hardware division after Fire Phone disaster, says report

Business Insider: Amazon laid off "dozens of engineers" in its Lab126 hardware unit, which makes consumer devices like the Kindle, Echo, and Fire tablet, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. This news comes in the wake of the critical and commercial disaster that was ...

Kindle for Android update brings Word Wise and more

Amazon has pushed out a new Kindle for Android update, and with it comes the Word Wise feature, as well as a handful of other changes that round out the overall product. Word Wise allows users to have definitions for hard words automatically displayed above the word, aiding in the reading process without slowing the user down. Other features include … Continue reading


Reading Books Instead of Kindles Can Improve Your Memory, Concentration and

Mic: Memory: According to at least one study, conducted by researchers at Stavanger University in Norway, people who read actual books are significantly better at remembering what they read as opposed to people who read books on a Kindle and other ...

Amazon Rejected This Author’s Book Because It Had Too Many Hyphens

REUTERS/Kim White Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Graeme Reynolds, a UK-based author of horror novels, says he was unable to sell one of his bestselling books on Amazon’s Kindle library because his manuscript contained too many hyphens. In a blog post, Reynolds says Amazon’s automated spell check returned “over 100 words in the 90,000 word novel [that] contained that dreaded little line.” In other words ...


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