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Classroom Kindle with Big Brother Control One-Ups iPad

Business Insider: Interesting post: Amazon Just Beat Apple to the Classroom, on Gizmodo. I've been following ebooks and textbooks for more than 10 years now, expecting disruption. Textbooks are obsolete. It should have happened years ago. And there's a lot going on now, ...
Oyster, the Netflix of e-books, launching online store to take on Amazon

- 1 month ago @ The e-book market has a new competitor, but it'll likely be overshadowed by Amazon's dominant Kindle platform.

Why Indigo Shortcovers Will (And Won’t) Kill Amazon Kindle

- 1 month ago @ The new Amazon Kindle 2 was proudly unveiled to the world earlier this month, improving on the original Kindle e-book reader in just about every way. The design was simplified, the keyboard was made easier to use, and it was skinnier than ever before.

Kobo Glo HD Attempts to Put Out Amazon Kindle’s Fire

- 1 month ago @ It wasn’t that long ago when reading a book involved physical page turning. With the advent of eReaders such as the shortly to be released Kobo Glo HD, book fans have either embraced the technology that has cured them of wrist strain and the age old dilemma of how to fit multiple books in their Kobo Glo HD Attempts to Put Out Amazon Kindle’s Fire is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Former ‘Occupy’ Member’s Newest Activism: Tablet Computers For Philly Schoolkids

- 1 month ago @ Some students at a Philadelphia high school have new Kindle Fires, which came from an untraditional source.



Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition goes on pre-order in Europe for €150/£120 (blog): It has been over half a year since Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition and now you can almost buy one in Europe. US users have been able to grab one for months now, but now kids across the pond get to pre-order one of these as well.

Amazon Kindle Singles: Delicious Snackable Stories

In July 2014, Amazon launched an eBook subscription service called Kindle Unlimited. For less than $10 per month, subscribes can borrow books not only by independent authors, but also by traditionally published authors, albeit some publishing houses ...

This Kindle Deal Is Perfect For Keeping Your Kids Reading This Summer

TIME: The tech giant is offering an e-reader package targeted toward children that includes a Kindle device, a protective cover, and a two-year warranty. Whereas normally those three items would run a person about $140, the new deal prices them together at $99.

Amazon is selling a discounted Kindle bundle for kids

Fortune: The tech giant is offering an e-reader package targeted toward children that includes a Kindle device, a protective cover, and a two-year warranty. Whereas normally those three items would run a person about $140, the new deal prices them together at $99.

Frenemies in Platform Markets: The Case of Apple's iPad vs. Amazon's Kindle

Working Knowledge: Executive Summary — Frenemies are friends who are sometimes enemies. Among e-readers, Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle are frenemies in platform markets because they compete aggressively against each other yet cooperate to a certain extent.

How to get ebooks on your Kindle, Nook, or Kobo ebook reader

Digital Trends: Alternatively, you can rent an ebook. Only some ebooks (usually school textbooks) are available for rent. When you rent an ebook on Kindle, you pay to have access to it for a period of time, rather than owning the ebook permanently. This can save you a ...

Kobo Glo HD review: Superb screen to rival Kindle Voyage

Kobo released the latest device in its Glo range today (1 June), hoping to entice readers yet to make the jump to the digital format by aiming for a simple and user-friendly design backed up by a brilliant screen. IBTimes UK has spent the last month ...

Amazon Bundles Kindle For Kids

Zatz Not Funny: Amazon has launched a Kindle for Kids Bundle. The Bundle packages a third-party back cover (in your choice of five colors) and two-year SquareTrade warranty with an existing entry-level, touch-screen, ad-free Kindle … for the same price that Kindle ...





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Baen eBooks Can No Longer Be Sent to a Kindle

Good E-Reader (blog): In March 2015 Amazon augmented their cloud system that requires users to subscribe to Prime in order to store photos and video. If you are not a Prime member, it costs $11.99 per year. When this new system went live Amazon changed their their terms of ...

The Eight-Volume Official Biography of Sir Winston Churchill by Randolph Churchill and Martin Gilbert Available in ...

RosettaBooks and Hillsdale College kick off today's celebration of Winston Churchill Day with the first Kindle eBook release of the eight-volume official biography of Sir Winston Churchill. Readers can ...


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

Expert Reviews: The built-in backlight of the original Kindle Paperwhite was a fantastic addition, making it a lot easier and more comfortable to read eBooks. A year on, Amazon released this second, improved version of the product, which doesn't change up the formula ...

Today's Best Deals: Kindle Paperwhite, Game of Thrones Books, and More

Here are the best of today's deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals , follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. Read more...


Amazon Launches Kindle for Kids Bundle -

GalleyCat: The bundle includes an ad-free Kindle device with a two-year extended warranty from SquareTrade to cover replacements against accidental spills and drops. The device is outfitted with Kindle Free Time, a tool to help kids, parents and teachers track ...


Amazon Debuts A $99 Kindle Bundle For Kids Including An E-Reader, Cover

TechCrunch: Amazon wants parents to buy Kindles for their children and is today launching a discounted “Kindle for Kids Bundle” to encourage them to do so. This new package includes the combination of a Kindle e-reader, a durable cover, and an extended warranty on ...

Amazon Kindle Voyage Review: A great e-reader made even better

The Kindle Voyage is the spiritual successor to the Kindle Paperwhite, and it absolutely does not disappoint.


Amazon improves typeface and layout on Kindle for iPhone

The Verge: Amazon's new Kindle-friendly typeface is now available on iOS. The Bookerly typeface was quietly introduced last year on Fire tablets, replacing Caecilia as its standard. The serif typeface was created specifically for the Kindle and, like Google's ...

Kindle for iOS adds 'Bookerly' font, Fox Movie of the Day app promotes iTunes

Apple Insider: Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 09:30 am PT (12:30 pm ET). Amazon on Wednesday improved the look of fonts in Kindle for iOS, while Fox launched a Movie of the Day app for the iPhone, highlighting daily flash sales of Fox movies hosted on iTunes.

Kindle for iOS gets an update adding 'faster reading, less eye strain' and more

AppAdvice: Amazon is continuing to improve its Kindle iOS application, and has released a recent update adding a number of brand new features to the software. For the most part, the updated Kindle app should make it easier for readers to consume text on the go ...

Amazon, HarperCollins avert public fight

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet, priced at $199, and cuts e-ink Kindle price to $79 in New York on Wednesday, September 28, 2011.

Amazon brings Kindle features to its Android app

If you don't have a Kindle to read your books on then there's no worries, as apps exist on other platforms like Android. Amazon isn't standing still on this either, now offering customers on Google's mobile platform some new features already available on the stand-alone device. Included are two new features that Amazon claims customers have found the most useful. First up is Word Wise, which ...


Kindle your imagination at the DeGrazia Gallery

Arizona Daily Star: Kindle your imagination at the DeGrazia Gallery. Saved. Save Article; My Saved Items · Print Email. Respond: Write a letter to the editor | Write a guest opinion. « DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Buy Now; DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, from reader Liz ...

DEAL OF THE DAY: Save $20 when you purchase a Kindle Paperwhite today

Save $20 when you get the  Kindle Paperwhite  today. The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a brighter screen than the regular Kindle. As a result, it's easier to read when it's sunny outside. The Kindle Paperwhite is over 30% lighter than the iPad mini. Plus, the battery lasts  weeks  — not hours. "I have always been a real book reader because I liked the feel of paper, but I've converted and will ...

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